The Secret of Ions and Calcium,負離子,負靜電,負電位,nefful,妮芙露,特美龍,妮芙龍,創業,創投,健康衣


Preventive healthcare is vital!

The Secret of Ions and Calcium,負離子,負靜電,負電位,nefful,妮芙露,特美龍,妮芙龍,創業,創投,健康衣

Vitamins of the Air-Negative Ions

A study by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare has indicated that there are currently many health problems that cannot be explained by Western medicine, including insomnia, shoulder and back pains and more. Negative ion depletion is the cause of many of these conditions.

Negative ions are electrically charged particles that float in the air around us all the time. The amount of positive ions versus negative ions in newborn babies is 20 percent and 80 percent. This is believed to be the best ratio for all human beings.

However, as the years go by and as the environment changes, the negative ions in our body start to decrease and the positive ions start to increase.This causes the blood to be more coagulated in our body, making our blood to be more coagulated and more acidic in nature. The absorption of nutrients and release of wastes are less efficient, causing our metabolism and body functions to slow down. This leads to a variety of illnesses.

Negative ions break the deadlock of modern medicine for the 21st century. Negative ions are the only way to rescue intractable disease abandoned by modem medicine.

The Secret of Ions and Calcium,負離子,負靜電,負電位,nefful,妮芙露,特美龍,妮芙龍,創業,創投,健康衣

Increasing numbers of modern day employees are staying longer in air-conditioned rooms, triggering the “air-condition syndrome”. Anxieties, cold limbs,headaches, waist pain, physiological abnormalities, insomnia and more are due to the air conditioning system’s rapid cooling that simultaneously generates an abundance of positive ions. Extracted from: High Voltage Treatment, published by Youth Publishing

According to the Asian Medical Journal, the amount of anions per cc of air is as follows:

Negative Ions Quantity Effect
100,000-500,000 ions/cc Promote self-healing
50,000-100,000 ions/cc Kill bacteria, eliminate odor, detoxify
5,000-50,000 ions/cc Strengthen immunity, increase resistance
1,000-2,000 ions/cc Basic need to maintain health
50 以下 ions/cc Trigger illnesses and disorders
50 以下 ions/cc Trigger illnesses and disorders

Ion imbalance in our modern environment leads to “urban diseases”

AREA Quantity
Confined air conditioned rooms 0-25 ions/cc
Green areas in cities 100-200 ions/cc
Parks in cities 400-600 ions/cc
Suburbs, green fields, countryside 700-1,500 ions/cc
Mountains and seashores 5,000 ions/cc
Natural forests, Waterfallsc 50,000 ions/cc

The Secret of Ions and Calcium,負離子,負靜電,負電位,nefful,妮芙露,特美龍,妮芙龍,創業,創投,健康衣

 Four effects of negative ions

1、Purifies the blood

Blood hypercoagulation is the cause of all modern diseases. To effectively improve health, one has to start with the process of purifying the blood. When oxygen levels in the blood decrease, fats accumulate in the blood, metabolism slows down and chronic conditions develop. High blood pressure, diabetes, gout, arteriosclerosis and fatty liver follow; In severe cases, this can further deteriorate to stroke and myocardial infarction.

l Purifies the blood and promotes blood circulation.
2 Removes lipids, excess cholesterol and substances that lead to aging.
3 Increases blood oxygen levels and rejuvenates the cells and tissues.
4 Expands blood vessels and enhances elasticity.
5 Transforms blood pH levels from being acidic to being mildly alkaline.

2、Rejuvenates the cells

Increase the body’s self-healing and antioxidant capability. A good functioning cell depends on the cell membrane’s permeability.Our skin, skeletal system, blood and organs are made up of over 60n trillion cells. Cellular disease is the source of many health problems. If the extracellular cation (positive ions) levels increase, the spaces within the cell membrane will contract, hindering absorption of nutrients and oxygen, as well as the removal of wastes.

1 Facilitates cell absorption of water, nutrients and oxygen.
2 Breaks down toxins in the cells, hastening cell regeneration.
3 Self-restores cell damages.
4 Stops aging and cells stay young from inside out.

The Secret of Ions and Calcium,負離子,負靜電,負電位,nefful,妮芙露,特美龍,妮芙龍,創業,創投,健康衣

3、Enhances the immunity system

Enhances the immune system and improves allergic conditions
Anions are effective in strengthening thebody’s immune cells, enhancing the phagocytes ability to chew up foreign or invading organisms of the body. When the body is attacked by viruses or bacteria, it can rely on its own immune system to fight back and to recover faster. It activates the lymphocytes to increase the production of antibodies as quickly as possible.

1、 Speeds up metabolism and helps deal with diabetes, gout and other metabolic disorders.

2、Enhances skin regeneration and defense, preventing deterioration or further infection of any skin wounds.

3、Effectives health conditions related to the immune system; reduces eczema, allergic rhinitis, asthma, lupus erythematosus and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

4、Regulates the autonomic nervous system

Experts have discovered that there are numerous health problems that modern medicine cannot cure; neither can they find the cause of the problems, Actually most of them have to do with the imbalance of the autonomic nervous system. Work-rest imbalance and increase in stress have affected the normal functions of the sympathetic and prasympathetic nerves. This has resulted in hormonal imbalance, physiological disorders, autonomic nervous system disorders like insomnia, migraines, nausea and vomiting, urinary disorders,lack of appetite, burnout, overfatigue and others.

1、Inhibits the sympathetic nerves and stimulates the parasympathetic nerves, balancing the autonomic nervous system.

2、Increases blood calcium concentration and facilitates conduction between neurons

3、Improves sleep quality, migraines, physiological disorders and alertness

4、Indirectly prevents blood disorders, stroke, myocardial infarction and other
cardiovascular diseases.


Negative Ions are effective in treating Cancer

Negative ions provide not only improvement against overfatigue, high blood pressure and asthma, but also are very effective in treating cancer.

The study done by the University of Frankfurt, involving a cancer team led by Dr. Kusturica, further studied the physical effects of negative ions on cancer cells. Different types of cancer cells were transfused into the bodies of rats.

In order to have a base of comparison, one group of rats were put into a negative ion environment each day while the other group remained untouched. As a result, the rats in the negative ion environment lived, on average, for 59 days, while the rats that were untouched lived no longer than 34 days, The rats from the experimental team lived 25 days longer; some even lived as long as 80 days! The experiment’s results confirm the effectiveness of negative ions in treating cancer.

According to the study, negative ions are beneficial to cancer patients for increasing the metabolism rate and activating cellular immune function.

The Secret of Ions and Calcium,負離子,負靜電,負電位,nefful,妮芙露,特美龍,妮芙龍,創業,創投,健康衣

Our bodies go through oxidation every second

Cancer cells do not develop overnight. Statistics show that for every 3.7 people, one has cancer. Changes in the environment, diet and lifestyle have created an overabundance of free radicals in our bodies.

How do we stabilize these active and unstable free radicals?
Firstly, what are free radicals? A free radical is an atom or group of atoms with at least one unpaired electron. All atoms, molecules or ions need electrons in pairs to be become stable.

Because free radicals lack an electron, it will move freely around until it can acquire or grab an electron from somewhere else, even from the body cells. It will damage the cell and lead to abnormalities and chronic conditions like cancer, cataracts, diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and others.

Past medical literature has already reported more than a hundred kinds of diseases associated with free radicals. But how do we stabilize a free radical and reduce the damages it does to the body?

Negative ions can neutralize free radicals, preventing it from entering the body. It can purify the blood, rejuvenate cells, enhance the immune system and modulate the autonomic nervous system.

Source: Partially extracted from scientific articles and published texts from Tsinghua University, Department of Chemistry.


70% of people with vascular blockage don’t feel it.

In 1950, Dr. Haskell applied negative ions to patients of hypertension. Amazingly, negative ions were proven to have a significant effect in lowering one’s blood pressure, while no beneficial effects were observed with positive ions. Negative ions are also effective against influenza, asthma and bronchial diseases.

Expert’s advice:Early prevention is better than cure
Does one feel anything when there is vascular blockage?
Many people think that they should only start worrying about their blood vessels when they are getting old.

Little do they know that fatty plaques start to grow and accelerate from 30-year-old onwards. In addition, our lifestyle is becoming more and more stressful, our diets more and more unhealthy, and we exercise less and less. Before we even realize it, aging and damages to our blood vessels are accelerating at a faster pace.

The Secret of Ions and Calcium,負離子,負靜電,負電位,nefful,妮芙露,特美龍,妮芙龍,創業,創投,健康衣

Japan Textile Research Institute Experimental Results

Only negative ion fibers consistently generated powerful negative static electricity whenever it was rubbed against other kinds of fivers or against the skin.

How do our bodies absorb negative ions?

We absorb 15% of negative ions into our body through breathing and 85% through our skin.

The body absorbs negative ions through hair follicles of the skin -> passes through blood capillaries -> enters the blood

To be most effective, one has to follow three principles:

High Density • Long Duration • Direct Contact to Skin
Wearing negative ion fibers following the above principles is the most effectively way for 24 hours a day health care.

In his book, “Negative Ion Treatment”, lino Setsuo, Doctor of Philisophy in Health Science in Japan, mentioned that:
15% of nature’s negative ions is inhaled and absorbed through the lungs.
85% is being blocked by our clothes, preventing our bodies from absorbing the negative ions.

The Secret of Ions and Calcium,負離子,負靜電,負電位,nefful,妮芙露,特美龍,妮芙龍,創業,創投,健康衣

Anion magical effect repair

According to Dr. Yuko Agishi, a well-known professor at the Hokkaido University:
Positive ions lead to Deoxidation -> Decay -> Damage; Damages the health condition of all living things.
Negative ions lead to Reduction(Detox) -> Synthesis -> Recovery; Promotes the robust growth of people and all living things.

Negative Ions Positive Ions
Reduction, leads to mild alkalinity Oxidation, leads to acidity
Rejuvenates the cells Decreases cell activity
Adjusts the autonomic nervous system Causes imbalance of the autonomic nervous system
Enhaces self-immunity Weakens natural immunity
Maintains healthy endocrine system Develops endocrine disorders
Purifies the blood Induces blood turbidity
Stabilizes blood pressure Elevates blood pressure
Delays aging Accelerates aging
Improve sleeping quality Causes insomnia
Eliminates fatigue Leads to fatigue

The Secret of Ions and Calcium,負離子,負靜電,負電位,nefful,妮芙露,特美龍,妮芙龍,創業,創投,健康衣

Observations on the effects of negative ions

Negative ions can regulate the autonomic nerve system, normalize hormone secretion and relieve uterine pain. It can also rejuvenate cellular and endocrine functions and regulate menopausal symptoms.

Negative ions stimulate the parasympathetic nerves, eliminate fatigue, stabilize emotional condition and aid in sleep. Negative ion fivers provide excellent insulation leading to dehumidifying effects and create an optimal sleeping environment.

Negative ions can regulate endocrine functions, stimulate insulin secretion to relieve symptoms.

Negative ions can increase the calcium levels in the blood, neutralize acidity and prevent uric acid and gout. It activates the lymphocytes and produces antibodies to destroy viruses and eases health problems.

Negative ions help activate the cells and antioxidant functions, stimulating metabolism.

Negative ions con promote blood circulation, and improve discomfort originating from nerves and blood vessels.

Negative ions can improve our health against allergies by strengthening our immune system.

Negative ions help to remove and excrete excess lipids, cholesterol and aging substances and improve vascular quality

The Secret of Ions and Calcium,負離子,負靜電,負電位,nefful,妮芙露,特美龍,妮芙龍,創業,創投,健康衣

High Technology Negative Ion Fibers

Experts have discovered the source of healthy negative ions

In 1938, a Japanese high technology fiber manufacturing company started to research on fibers that are beneficial for health. In 1995, after more than 20 years of research by numerous experts, the company successfully and exclusively manufactured negative ion fibers, which are capable of releasing a high concentration of negative ions through friction.

For over 60 years, with the use of proprietary technology that others have never been able to duplicate, this is the only negative ion fiber that can continuously release negative ions.

The Secret of Ions and Calcium,負離子,負靜電,負電位,nefful,妮芙露,特美龍,妮芙龍,創業,創投,健康衣

Why do we need to wear the full set of negative ion clothing?

Based on the book “High Voltage Treatment”, published by Youth Publishing:

When the amount of negative ions contained in every cc of air is 100,000 to 500,000. It will promote healing. From the standpoint of serology, Dr. Maki Takada of Toho University Japan views that a 300V negative charge can help improve a person’s physiological functions, health and longevity.

24 hours healthcare with negative ions When the whole body, from head to toe, absorbs negative ions 24 hours a day, it can help the blood circulation, cell metabolism, lymph, skeletal and nervous system reach a healthy status.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), nighttime is the optimal time for cell repair. The bedding set is extremely important and when combined with wearing negative ion clothing, it gives 24 hours protection for your health.

The Secret of Ions and Calcium,負離子,負靜電,負電位,nefful,妮芙露,特美龍,妮芙龍,創業,創投,健康衣

Why do we need to take calcium?

1. Calcium has a close relationship with cell activity.

(1)Nervous System: Lack of calcium leads to mood instability, memory deterioration, insomnia, shaky hands, cramps and the like.

(2)Endocrine System: Helps in balancing endocrine secretion.

(3)Muscular System: Related to muscular contractions, including cardiovascular contraction, gastrointestinal motility and contraction of blood vessels. Lack of calcium leads to constipation, diarrhea, palpitation and unstable blood pressure.

(4)Cardiovascular System: Related to blood coagulation and purification; lowers cholesterol and uric acid levels, prevents arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, and stroke.

(5)Skeletal System: Most common conditions seen for lack of calcium include chronic bone loss, severe osteoporosis, systemic bone pain and knee pain.

(6)Reproductive System: Related to germ cells; enhances male sperm mobility and increases women’s chances of conceiving.

The Secret of Ions and Calcium,負離子,負靜電,負電位,nefful,妮芙露,特美龍,妮芙龍,創業,創投,健康衣

2. There are 2 types of calcium in the body:

99% is bound calcium, stored in the bones; 1% is ionized calcium, stored in the cells. When the calcium levels in the cell is not enough, it will then take the calcium stored in the bones. However, this type of calcium should not enter the cells as it will result to a chronic buildup in the bloodstream. The blood will become thicker, leading to vascular disease problems like arteriosclerosis. Moreover, this will lead to severe calcium deficiency in the bones. This type of serious health problem can be resolved by taking L-Calcium Lactate (L-Type Fermented Lactobacillus Calcium Supplement).

L-Type Fermented Lactobacillus Calcium

(1)Excellent absorption rate. It is fortified with high units of CPPIII (Casein Phosphopeptides) and Vitamin D, which can effectively enhance the absorption of calcium in the human body.

(2)Excellent water solubility. Its water solubility level is 3800 times that of calcium phosphate currently being sold (e.g., bone meal) and 6800 times that of calcium carbonate (e.g., shellfish powder). It is easily absorbed by the body.

(3)Excellent safety level. Numerous researches have discovered that lead content in cattle bone powder is the highest, followed by those of oyster shell and shellfish. Safety level of L-Type Fermented Lactobacillus Calcium has been certified by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Reverse reaction varies per individual

During the initial period of use, due to individual differences, it will result to different kinds of “Reverse reaction”. This is absolutely not a side effect of using the products. Reverse reaction may include an increase in acidity, pain, numbness, throbbing, itchiness, dizziness, rash heat, chills, increase in urine and sweat, flatulence, more phlegm, sleepiness, red face, rashes, diarrhea, swollen and red skin, tachypnoea, acceleration of heartbeat, more secretion, hidden diseases revealed, dry mouth, more energetic, radiates vitality. These will vary per person. When not feeling comfortable due to these symptoms, please drink more water. Consult your sponsor to know how to increase the quantity of what you are wearing to hasten the detoxification process so the reverse reaction will naturally clear up and stop.

The Secret of Ions and Calcium,負離子,負靜電,負電位,nefful,妮芙露,特美龍,妮芙龍,創業,創投,健康衣

Health is valuable! Life is precious! Enjoy your life with good health.




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